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SEVICH Organic Beard Balm

SEVICH Organic Beard Balm

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the quality guarantee period is 3 years of usage. Natural beard balm can make your beard grow fast. This unique natural product contains Vitamin C, Macadamia, beeswax, and olive oil

You should no forget that before your apply sevich beard balm, you have to clean your face with a soap bar or a cleanser. I would suggest you wet your face with warm water. Neither the cold one nor the hot water. 

We need warm water because it opens your facial pores and makes your skin more sensitive. In this way, the sevich beard balm will be more efficient.


  1. First, use your fingernail to scrape a small piece of sevich beard balm 
  2. Then put them into the palm of your hand and melt it 
  3. Then spread the beard wax evenly on the beard from one side to another. Use your hand or comb to sort your beard and make it more perfect 

NoteAll our products are shipped from the USA, China, and  Greece

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