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Beard Growth Kit

Beard Growth Kit

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This Beard Growth Kit is specialized and formulated to feed your follicles and enhance hair and beard growth.

A beard journey differs from man to man. Each person has a starting goal. To be honest you don't have to expect that your beard will grow overnight. it will take time and consistency to grow a fuller beard 

microneedle roller

maximally absorb serum and stimulate sleep hair follicles. Microneedle roller increases blood flow, stimulates sleeping hair-root cavity, and rises serum absorption

The Activator/Serum

The Activator/Serum includes fully natural ingredients such as Biotin, Arginine, and Capilia Longa. You should combine the microneedle roller and activator/serum to reach your potential beard growth. It activates and promotes hair and beard growth 


The Sanitizer 

The Sanitizer exists to clean your microneedle roller from bacteria. It contains an antibacterial substance. Clean your beard roller for safe and clean beard stimulation. Before you use your microneedle roller, make sure that you spray 2-3 times the head of the microneedle roller. Then, allow it to dry for 10 seconds and you are ready!

 The Whole Process 

(1) After cleansing the face, disinfect the titanium alloy microneedle roller with disinfectant (spend the spray 10-15 cm from the microneedle roller, spray it 2-3 times evenly, let it dry for 20 seconds), then apply it to the area where the essence needs to be applied. Gently roll back and forth about 10 times

(2) Apply the beard to the essence and massage until it is fully absorbed.

(3) Massage with a matching zinc alloy comb, and promote the absorption of epidermal blood and hair follicles at the same time, while modeling the beard.


Precautions for microneedles:
1. There are wounds in the area to be treated, severe acne, acne attack, infection prevention, and scar physique.
2, do the sun protection the next day after use
3. Eat less irritating food when doing micro-needle
4, micro-needle special for people to avoid cross-infection.

Gift box includes

  • Growth fluid
  • Disinfectant
  • Microneedle wheel
  • Comb

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